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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Clients’ access our CSR support, monitoring and audit services.

We help procurement operators and act on our clients’ behalf to deploy and operationalise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice. This means that our clients’ are able to prioritise both societal and business value for productivity gains. CSR is important to investors and consumers alike whom favour products and services that are useful and contribute to the welfare of society and the environment.

We work with you to develop, manage, and operationalise CSR in your supply chain. We assist you to identify, negotiate, monitor and audit your supplier’s compliance to CSR obligations inclusive of their compliance to ethical standards of human rights, employment, and the environment.


Features of Corporate Social Responsibility:
  • Code of Conduct Development, Deployment & Audits
  • Supplier Sustainability & Risk assessment
  • Product Sustainability & Risk assessment
  • CSR Risk & Mitigation Planning
  • Localisation of Labour & Content
  • Green Supply Chain
  • On-Site Audits

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