Aim high with Bridge Pro

Guaranteeing continuous power supply

Diesel Generators
Bridge Pro provides new generators for domestic and industrial applications from 20 kVA to 3,000 kVA.

Bridge Pro stationary diesel generators are perfect for domestic and industrial applications offering back up to vital infrastructure when electrical mains failure occur.

We offer 60Hz (e.g. Americas, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines) and 50Hz (the majority of the rest of the world) frequency generators as determined by the country a generator will be used in or the equipment it will power.

The determination of single phase and 3 phase power and generator voltage are key factors that requires the clients attention as factors can be different between and within countries or areas.

Our generators are inspected, tested, and quality checked to ISO standards. All generators are supplied with Declaration of Conformity. We offer standard equipment for critical power applications.

Noise Output

Our generators are supplied with acoustically treated sound and weatherproof canopies that minimise generators noise levels in domestic and industrial settings. For high power industrial applications, clients are encouraged to consult local / country legislation to ensure appropriate measures are taken to house the generators in a compliant acoustic enclosure, container or canopy.

Our generators offer peace of mind at competitive prices while guarantee continuous power supply.

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