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Our most frequently asked questions and answers.

Our consultants have hands-on experience starting, funding, and growing their own businesses, so we understand exactly what you need.


Which markets do you specialize in?

We take pride in our ability to provide our service to any industry or category. We list some of the markets and categories that we serve.

  • Banking Services
  • Facility Management, Corporate Services, Real Estate, Workplace
  • Human Resources (Insurance, Recruitment, Benefits, Payroll, Training)
  • IT (Hardware, Software, Telecommunications, Data Centre)
  • Logistics (Dispatch, Catering, Trade Compliance)
  • Outsourcing & Offshoring
  • Professional Services (Legal, Audit, Marketing, Management Consulting, Security, Fleet Management, Translations Services)
  • Travel (Airlines, Hotels, Serviced Apartments, Travel Management)
  • Utility (Electricity, Gas, Water, Propane)

What makes your service solutions special?

We provide a structured procurement process that balances risk, opportunities, and options. Smart sourcing, cash management, and inventory management are core themes in our service. We do so much more in the early stages of managed procurement events so that we reach the right outcomes.

How does the process work?

We set up a commercial agreement that states yours and our obligation in fulfilling a work scope. We spend time understanding your requirements. You should expect us to spend anywhere from 1 to 30 days on service delivery over the course of a typical engagement. Timeframe will vary depending on the services you have requested.

Supply Chain Management

We help procurement operators identify quick, targeted, customized smart procurement solutions. We provide operational improvements that drive better supply chain results.

Customer Insights

We offer a supplier qualification process that helps procurement operators find and work with reliable suppliers. We manage contracting and negotiation practise on clients’ behalf. Our results helps clients’ to improve their total value proposition and exceed customer expectation.

Sourcing Strategy

We apply smart procurement to ensure our clients’ supply chain investments generate optimal return while improving business cash flow. We have behind us a network of supply partners that make us agile to a variety of clients’ needs and knowledgeable in shaping strategic advantage.

Customer Experience

We rely on positive interactions with you and a high quality, consistent, service delivery to you to earn your advocacy.

This means we respond quickly to your needs, we get to know our clients’, we avoid mistakes, we go the extra mile, and we deliver our services with long term thinking.

Your operational benefit, financial savings, and value add are the results of working with Bridge Pro.

How we work

We work to your specifications and demand profile. We set out and implement optimal approaches to market engagement, tendering, contracting and negotiation management. We lead or assist you to implement an end-to-end smart procurement event inclusive of, where required, logistics, delivery, and post-contract management services.