Aim high with Bridge Pro

Managed supply chain risks for business growth.

Smart Procurement

We provide outsourced managed services, customised market research and sourcing workflow tools within a comprehensive end-to-end smart procurement service.
We work with you to deliver supply chain operation benefits to your business.

We provide innovative solutions, scale, and customised procurement technique to create smart procurement solutions. We work with you to maximise return on your supply chain investments.

Outsourced Managed Services

We can both supplement your procurement capability with our managed outsourced strategic sourcing service or provide our proprietary self-service sourcing workflow. We lead and assist the implementation and operationalisation of your procurement initiatives.

We have experience and expertise across sourcing areas including wholesale & retail, materials supply, facility management, capital, insurance, information technology, logistics, marketing, real estate, travel, and the workplace.

Joint Sourcing

Our smart procurement underpins our joint sourcing initiatives in which one or more clients source services of a consistent specification through Bridge Pro’s platform. A recognition for procurement best practise at Bridge Pro coupled with technical supply chain expertise at Bridge Pro enables unrivalled synergistic leverage for better buying outcomes for participating clients. Our clients recognise that by working with Bridge Pro they stand to benefit from:

  • Increased market competition.
  • Access to tactical and strategic complex products.
  • Reduced supply chain risks.

We are driven to improve your supply chain performance.

Features of Outsourced Strategic Sourcing Service:

  • Supplemental Procurement Resources
  • Risk & Opportunity Management
  • Market Research
  • Spend Analysis
  • Negotiation & Contracting Management
  • Post-Contract Management
  • Supplier Performance Review & Audits

We assist clients to identify quick, targeted, customized smart procurement solutions. We provide operational improvements that drive better supply chain results.

We offer a supplier qualification process that underpin the determination of strategic and compliant suppliers. We manage negotiations and contracting practise on clients’ behalf.

We apply smart procurement to ensure our clients’ supply chain investments generate optimal return while improving business cash flow.

We rely on positive interactions with our clients. A consistent and quality service delivery means we earn our clients advocacy.

This means we respond quickly to your needs, we get to know our clients’, we avoid mistakes, we go the extra mile, and we deliver our services with long term thinking.

We work to your specifications and demand profile. We set out and implement optimal approaches to market engagement, tendering, contracting and negotiation management. We lead or assist you to implement an end-to-end smart procurement event inclusive of, where required, logistics, delivery, and post-contract management services.

Procurement Information

Access our category intelligence and expertise to build successful procurement outcomes.

We access and provide customised market research to minimise supply chain risk, manage costs, and guarantee supply.

We rely on professional research, category intelligence and technical expertise in the course of a client engagement. We provide market, supplier or category information that assists our clients to manage supply chain risks and establish strategic options and opportunities.

We deploy business wide category management. We work with you to determine your business requirements, to assess the markets that serve you, and to develop category strategies that balance business requirements and market opportunities.

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Features of Procurement Information Services:

  • Market & Commodity Research
  • Category Strategy
  • Supplier Qualification Service
  • Should Cost Modelling Service
  • Total Cost of Ownership Modelling Service
  • Supplier Audit Service
  • Trade Compliance Service