Aim high with Bridge Pro

Helping to manage supply risks for business growth.

Smart Procurement
Clients’ access our knowledge of markets and procurement techniques for their procurement initiatives, for operational benefit, savings and value add.

We provide innovative solutions, scale, and customised procurement technique to create smart procurement solutions. We work with you to protect and leverage your intellectual property. We work with you to maximise return on your supply chain investments.

We supplement your procurement resources by applying our procurement technique to managed outsourced services. We lead and assist the implementation and operationalisation of your procurement initiatives.

We have experience and expertise across all sourcing areas including wholesale & retail, materials supply, facility management, capital, insurance, information technology, logistics, marketing, real estate, travel, and the workplace.  We are inspired by the purpose of bringing improved supply chain performance, cost management, and new value streams to you.

Leading your procurement initiatives for value and savings.

Providing smart procurement training.

Helping you to deliver procurement initiatives.

Providing category management expertise and information.

Features of Smart Procurement:

  • Supplemental Procurement Resources
  • Procurement Management &¬†Outsourcing
  • Risk & Opportunity Management
  • Market Research
  • Spend Analysis
  • Contracting & Negotiation Management
  • Post-Contract Management
  • Supplier Performance Management & Audits

We help procurement operators identify quick, targeted, customized smart procurement solutions. We provide operational improvements that drive better supply chain results.

We offer a supplier qualification process that helps procurement operators find and work with reliable suppliers. We manage contracting and negotiation practise on clients’ behalf. Our results helps clients’ to improve their total value proposition and exceed customer expectation.

We apply smart procurement to ensure our clients’ supply chain investments generate optimal return while improving business cash flow. We have behind us a network of supply partners that make us agile to a variety of clients’ needs and knowledgeable in shaping strategic advantage.

We rely on positive interactions with you and a high quality, consistent, service delivery to you to earn your advocacy.

This means we respond quickly to your needs, we get to know our clients’, we avoid mistakes, we go the extra mile, and we deliver our services with long term thinking.

Your operational benefit, financial savings, and value add are the results of working with Bridge Pro.

We work to your specifications and demand profile. We set out and implement optimal approaches to market engagement, tendering, contracting and negotiation management. We lead or assist you to implement an end-to-end smart procurement event inclusive of, where required, logistics, delivery, and post-contract management services.